February 14, 2014

Your time will come

You plunged a knife deep into my chest and cut out my heart. You drained the energy from my being. You whispered your lies into my ear, and I could not rest.

You waved your wicked wand of misery over me as I slept, casting a spell of despair that followed me like a shadow.

You tried to poison my soul. You filled my mind with doubt and you stole the essence of who I am.

You crushed my spirit. You bludgeoned me into submission, forcing me into the corners of the ring. I hung helplessly from its ropes, unable to fight back.

You have threatened my home, my family and our deepest longing. Peace and happiness. You have hurt those who are innocent. This time, you have gone too far.

Your biggest fear will soon be realized.  I have had enough. I will not fight this battle alone anymore. I will suit up every day in the Armor of God, the One who protects my sanctuary of hope, a sacred place you will never hurt and never find.

I will be strong again. When you slip into my mind in the dark of night, I will be waiting. Waiting with the sword of the Spirit at my side.

We will one day fight to the death, and you will lose. I have seen through the eyes of my soul how this will end. I will be the victor, and you will be the vanquished.

You have won this battle for too many years, but rest assured. Your time will come.